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December 12, 2010


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Welcome to Equine Stock Feature - Vol.1

This time starring venomxbaby

There are a lot great equine-stock-photographers on deviantart. But often I see, that artists dont respect there rules. In a german art-group we decided to translate the stock-rules so more artist will be able to understand them.

Out of this idea the Equine Stock Feature was born. It will feature another artist and their rules with every volume.

Every feature contains of three parts: an interview with the artists, their stock-rules and some random examples of her work.

Initialy the interview was made for The-Equine-Artists.

Now have a good time reading it
Best wishes, Jana

P.S.: If you have ideas for future stock-features, want to suggest a stock-artist or to be featured yourself - let me know. I will see, what I can do about it^^


She lives in the Unites States (North Carolina) and is a professional wedding-photographer ( Photographing horses is, next to making photomanipulations, one of her hobbies.

1. Since when are you a photographer?
I loved photography since I was a teen, but I started professionally photographing weddings in 2007. Through this work I learned a lot about photography, and really started getting into horse photography in 2010 as a hobby.

2. Since when do you publish stock photos and what did you inspire to do so?
Since a few years ago when I took some pictures at a local horse show. I uploaded them as stock and surprisingly they got a lot of interest, more than I ever expected. So I realized it would be awesome to give back to the equine art community here on DA by offering as many stock photos of horses as I can.

3. What is your favourite stock-photoshoot so far?
Well I can't say I ever had a perfect shoot, I have honestly had pretty bad luck with them lol. Most of them it was either raining, or 95 degrees and unbearably hot. Or the horse was unprepared and dirty, or the background was ugly. Maybe my luck will get better.. I hope.

4. Do you have a favourite "Model" for your stocks. If yes, why?
I really love the gray Andalusian I photographed a few times now, his name is Copernico Roy and he's just the sweetest and most handsome fella. He loves showing off for the camera and even when it was a horrible rainy day he strutted his stuff and gave me his best. No wonder he's one of the most popular subjects of all my stock.

5. Where do you take your photographs?
Anywhere I can get to. I really want to visit breeders, but its hard to get their attention and I can't really find many close to where I live. I can't afford to travel all over the country to photograph horses, but I wish to someday. Most of my shoots so far have been at stables where people board their horses, I just look for the pretty ones that I can get permission to photograph. Sometimes I meet nice people at horse shows or through connections, and try to arrange a shoot with them at their farms.

6. Do you accept stock-requests?
No, because I don't really have continued access to horses and it's not very profitable lol. I take pictures on the rare occasions that I get a chance to when I'm around them, and its usually always different horses.

7. If your stock was used for drawing-reference, and the picture is used for sim/rpg-games offsite deviantart - must your credit be ON the drawing or may it be in the description?
Credits always have to be directly on the picture.

8. May users create outlines out of your stock?
Sure, feel free to.

9. May users create adoptables out of your stock?
Yes, I don't mind about this either.

10. In your rulse you say, thats okay to sell prints, use the artwork commercially and use the arts on SIM/RPG. Yet in question 2 of the interview, you stated, that you always must be given ON the picture. Is that mandatory for prints/commecials, too? Cause often it wont be possible to give credit on the picture... Say if someone sells their artwork to a magazine or the created horse is used ingame as a "coat-color" on or someting like that.
Hmmm if its a print or commercial work where its impossible to use credits, then they should show me the work or explain how it will be used, and i can approve for them not to use credits.

11. Whats your aim for the next 12 month of deviantart?
Basically right now I'm just sitting the winter months out. I don't think I will have any photoshoots until spring/summer when horses and backgrounds look better. Especially since most horses need to be washed for photoshoots, and there's more of a chance that they will be clean in the warm seasons when its safe to bathe them without them getting sick. So I can't wait to see what great opportunities lay ahead in spring, I will be on the search for more horse shows and great models to photograph then :]


1. You must credit my stock with a link to my DA account ( or with a link to the stock photo used.
2.Do NOT use in violent, graphic, or 'rated R' work. this means no blood or gore.
3. Do NOT re-post anywhere as stock. do not offer pre-cuts.
4. Do NOT upload these stock photos 'as is' anywhere else on the internet.
5. Don't just add a filter or text. No photo-blends. You must at least cut the horse out onto a new background.
6. You don't need to notify me of use.
7. Yes, you can use as a reference for digital/traditional art.
8. Yes, you can sell prints of your work. yes, commercial use of your created artwork is allowed.
9. Yes, you can use your artwork on sim games and role-playing games.


white andalusian 1 by venomxbaby black morgan 3 by venomxbaby bay arabian 2 by venomxbaby
rocky mountain horse 2 by venomxbaby rearing akhal teke by venomxbaby hidalgo rearing 1 by venomxbaby
chestnut arabian jump by venomxbaby bay thoroughbred rolling by venomxbaby bay overo arabian 2 by venomxbaby


shady river stock by venomxbaby white dream premade BG by venomxbaby :thumb185836877:

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